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We proudly provide tanning and

hair removal services to employees of


in the local area

and models from

in the DFW metroplex


What is really important to us.

Offering the highest quality services, expertly done, and with the best customer service possible.

Doing this at prices that are fair to both the customer and us.

Maintaining and increasing our education and skills and continuing to search for new and innovative services that actually help our clients fulfill their needs, desires, and goals.

Being a safe place for women and the most trusted provider in the metroplex.  Knowing that our clients will always be treated with respect and total discretion no matter what you are having done , your degree of exposure, or personal things you might choose to discuss with us.

There will always be a place for Neiman Marcus, Ferrari, and Rolex just as there will always be  customers for the most expensive of anything, even clinical and spa services. If that is really important to you, then we are not the correct provider for you, however, there are many businesses in the metroplex that will be happy to satisfy your need to pay the highest price possible for appearance, label, or name. If, however, you are not concerned about “being seen”, visiting the very trendiest spa, or paying the highest price and you want the highest quality services at an affordable price then visit us in Denton. It’s really not that far away!

As of August 31, 2011 the State of Texas began certifying laser hair removal providers.  We are happy to see this and really hope the future will provide better, safer and more professional services for the consumer. However, for the time being it is important to know that most providers have been grandfathered in which means there are still providers who lack the most basic training required to provide safe service. Be sure and pick your providers carefully and always be sure the technicians license is posted for you to see. Best thing is to make sure your provider is a licensed RN in Texas with training and experience in laser operation.

Missed appointments without 24 hours notice may be assessed a $25 missed appointment fee.

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