Pain free laser hair removal!

Completely  Effective
For the last 10 years or so the business of laser hair removal has been based on six (6) as the magic number of visits to make hair disappear, even though the laser manufacturers, for the most part, have said all along that this was not adequate and if fact would result in about 85% hair reduction for most clients with skin type l-lll. While certainly some people will get complete (98%) hair reduction in 6 visits most will not. This always allowed the provider to charge for the extra visits necessary to finish the job. This explains why so many people have had mediocre to poor results from laser hair reduction.

At BodyScaping, we have decided to step out of the box again and break this cycle. We want you to have good results and a positive experience with laser hair removal so you will come see us again. The first step has been implemented already. Our laser hair removal is virtually pain free. It gets warm, but, the excruciating pain is no longer there. No ice, no puff of cold gas, no chiller, nothing; it’s just not painful!

Packages are for one size area for 12 months from the date of purchase. Treatments can be done no less than 1 month apart so it is possible to have 12 treatments, to any area, for one price. While we recommend you concentrate your efforts on one area until finished, you can chose any treatment area, that fits within the size limitation, for any treatment.

Pretty easy and affordable.

                                          Package             By the visit
Small Areas               $600           $75
Medium Areas             $1200          $175
Large Areas                $1800          $225
XL  Areas                  $2500         $300

    and I’ll pay the tax.

Financing with 20% down and direct debit monthly payment is possible and interest free.
Any area of the body can effectively be treated with our lasers. If you want a particular area done that is not listed just give us a call.
Our New Price Structure for 
Laser Hair Removal
Small Areas
Arm pits
Upper Lip
Areola or space between breasts
Happy Trail

Individual boy parts

External ear
Fingers or toes
Spot treatment

Medium Areas
Extended Bikini
Buttocks (Female)
Back of neck
Limited inside thighs
1/2 Arm
(Female) Male pattern beard

Large Areas
Lower leg 
Low back
Upper Back
Female Complete Back/Buttocks
Buttocks (Male)
Complete face
Complete Arm
Complete male beard

X Large Areas
Complete Back
Chest & Abs
Complete Leg